Dell has started taking orders for its WoW-themed XPS M1730 line of laptops yesterday for a special group of customers that signed up for a WoW special via e-mail previously. Above the standard specs for the gaming notebooks, they come in two flavours as the Horde and the Alliance with their respective decals and desktop wallpapers, allowing customers to choose their sides.

WoW Front

WoW Dell Alliance WoW Dell Horde WoW Dell Both

This offer to the select group of customers comes with the themed hardware inclusive of desktop wallpapers and screensavers and they also arrive pre-installed with the original World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade titles.

Goodies coming with the special pack contain WoW memorabilia such as a WoW t-shirt, custom mousepad and yet another bagpack full of more goodies such as Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne expansion, trading cards and the WoW series of books.

The final surprise comes in the form of a mail postage called the Quest Envelope. In it contains a golden ticket to offer customers to buy their exact character’s figurine inside the game through FigurePrints, together with items such as the Blizzard Beta Club Card and Collector’s Edition Account Upgrade Certificate for an in-game pet.

The product will be open to all U.S customers from 11th December 2007 at a price starting at US$4,500 (SGD$6,515) for the base configuration.

Direct2Dell via SlashGear