desktop miniature zen garden meditation garden 1

Find your life a little too hectic? Get some peace by creating a zen garden at your workspace or home. It may sound impossible at first but with this desktop miniature zen garden, you can create your own peaceful space amid the day-to-day chaos that revolves around you.

desktop miniature zen garden meditation garden 2

desktop miniature zen garden meditation garden 3

This desktop miniature garden has been made to resemble a real zen garden with sand that gives one something of a different texture to look at other than the table and computer screen. It also comes with a set of chimes that can be struck that can help one in concentration or for calming one’s mind. If that’s isn’t enough, the set also comes with an incense holder and twelve sticks of lavender incense that will help in relaxation.

The miniature zen garden is one compact and small sandbox that one can focus towards either for meditation or feel a sense of calmness. Great for small workspaces and in small apartments where free space is a luxury.

The desktop miniature zen garden with chime set and incense holder retails for $9.99 from Amazon.