cream puff earphone jack accessory 1

Here’s one tasty-looking cream puff earphone jack accessory that not only allows one to accessorize their smartphone but also to help keep dust out of the earphone jack.

cream puff earphone jack accessory 2

This earphone jack accessory is made in the style of a tasty dessert, a sweet cream puff which can certainly make one crave for a cream puff at times.

sweet dessert earphone jack accessory

The tasty dessert is one that comes from the tradition and art of making Japanese food samples that usually found in Japanese eateries. These food samples allow patrons to look at the menu offered by the shop.

The cream puff in this case have been miniaturized from their original size as food samples and turned into cute little smartphone accessories like the cream puff earphone anti-dust kit.

A tasty-looking item that will make a smartphone look cute.

The dessert-style cream puff shaped earphone jack accessory retails for 390 yen from Strapya-World.