digi-piggy digital piggy bank 1

While it may be sad to break open a piggy bank at needy times, there is bound to be some relief for one to know they actually have some coins saved up for a rainy day. However it is not easy to come up with an exact figure of the total amount of money saved up in a large piggy bank at times just by weighing it with our hands.

digi-piggy digital piggy bank 2

This digi-piggy, a piggy bank with a digital counter will be able to count the total amount of coins that have been dropped inside and provide a real-time coin tally. Therefore it provides the owner a good idea about the amount of money saved up to that point in time.

Made to look like a cute piggy, the digi-piggy coin bank teaches kids the importance of saving up while making it fun for them to increase the coin counter by dropping in coins whenever they have some spare change in their possession.

While the digital coin counter with LCD display is unable to differentiate from different coin denominations, it can be a limitation unless the same type of coin is inserted every time in order to achieve a proper coin tally.

The digital counter is powered by 2AA batteries and a simple twist of the head portion will allow coin retrieval, which is much better than fetching a hammer and breaking it like an old fashioned piggy bank. The digi-piggy digital piggy bank goes for $14.95 on Amazon.