dine ink multipurpose cutlery ball point pens

Here’s a set of cutlery called Dine Ink Pens that are not only cutlery you can use to eat with, but also serve as ball-point pens. These sly pens make you always ready to be a food ninja, for you to at a moment’s notice able to turn your ball-point pens into a set of cutlery, just in case you manage to get someone to share their delicious food with you at any time and any place.

The pen caps come with the three essential cutlery built on them, namely the knife, fork and spoon. The cool part has to be that the pens themselves turn into the handles, making them an integral part of the writing set as well. A good set of multipurpose pens to keep on the desk or in the bag as a backup, just in case you find yourself with some food but no fork or spoon to eat with outdoors.

Also great for writing stuff while eating, for those times when something comes to mind and you need to write it down immediately before you forget.

The Dine Ink multipurpose cutlery shaped ball point pen caps come with 3 cutlery-shaped pen caps and 3 pens per set and retails for $3.36 on Amazon.