dip clip mini dip bowl 1

Don’t have three hands to hold a plate of snacks, a dip bowl and to get them dipped and into your mouth? This dip clip is here to help.

dip clip mini dip bowl 2

The dip clip is a mini dip bowl that can be used to hold dips for your snacks. All you need is to fill up your snacks like usual into a plate, then clip the dip clip at the side of the bowl. Now you can use one hand to hold the plate with the dip clip and use the other hand for getting the snacks into your mouth.

Now you won’t be stuck to a table when you want to enjoy food with dips, such as fries or nachos. With that your guests will be able to go around freely and have a good time.

A clever clip-on mini dip bowl that will be a great tool for parties.

The dip clips come in pack of 4 and retails for $7.12 from Amazon.