disguised diet coke money stash safe

This can either be a very good or terrible idea for a money safe. This money safe is disguised to look like a can of Diet Coke except that there is a hidden compartment inside that can be used to stash valuables such as money to jewelry.

A feature that was added in the making of the Diet Coke money safe is that it has already been pre-configured to weigh the same as an unopened can of Diet Coke. This will help to conceal the secret within if it happens to get picked up by an unauthorized person. As for the stash portion, the compartment can be accessed by unscrewing the top part of the can to add or retrieve money.

This is quite an interesting gadget for hiding valuables with although the secret can be revealed if others get the chance to hold it in their hands or try to open the can for a drink. Therefore it all depends on where the can is placed.

Placed at the bottom of a huge Diet Coke pyramid? Safe.

Sitting around on the table by itself? Terribly unsafe.

The Diet Coke money safe can be bought for $10.98 on Amazon.