diy assembly 3d giant t-rex dinosaur room lamp 1

It can be difficult at times to find an indoor light that suits both your room’s decor and your personality being spoilt for choice from the vast number of room lightings available today. Therefore, it is quite a wise choice to find one that can be made into a unique piece of furniture. Here’s one room lamp that not only makes it easy to customize and be made unique but also lets you enjoy assembling it on your own.

diy assembly 3d giant t-rex dinosaur room lamp 2

diy assembly 3d giant t-rex dinosaur room lamp 3

The DIY assembly T Rex dinosaur room lamp comes in parts in its box and pretty much like a papercraft art piece, it can be assembled into a 3D object from a set of flat pieces, and in this case a giant 38-inch T-Rex dinosaur. Not only is this T-Rex lamp strong enough stand upright with the provided wire stand, the translucent property of its body also acts like a lampshade that diffuses light more evenly across the room.

Since the material of the lampshade is plain, it also makes it possible to use a bunch of colored markers or a coat of light translucent paint to dress it up in colors for a truly unique room lamp.


  • DIY Assembly Dinosaur Lights set – The Giant 38-inch T REX
  • Anti-UV and Anti-Static
  • Fun and Easy to Assemble
  • Best for Decoration in your desktop, home, office, etc
  • Total Parts: 27 pieces
  • Material: PP
  • Dimension: 96 x 41 x 75 cm

One interesting artsy-looking room lamp for DIY and dinosaur lovers.

The DIY assembly Giant 3D T-Rex dinosaur room lamp retails for $56 from Brando Gadgets.