diy homemade backyard flight simulator

Here’s a cool-looking homemade DIY backyard flight simulator made by Matt Thomas. Called the Moving Axis AirCraft Simulator aka MAACS, the flight simulator comes as a cute mini jet plane model as the housing for the system. Unlike hefty multi-million dollar systems, this DIY flight simulator looks much simpler and certainly a lot more mobile.

The interesting thing is that none of those space age materials were used in the projects except for common hardware parts and materials that can be found in home improvement stores.

Just like the more sophisticated flight simulators, the MAACS can also rotate to let the pilot feel a sense of being in flight. While it does look like a great backyard flight simulator game system for both kids and adults, this flight simulator won’t just be sitting around in the backyard though. The MAACS is specially designed to be portable enough to travel to various aviation shows for aviation enthusiasts to enjoy more chances for a hands-on session in a flight simulator.