diy dynamo torch kit

If you’ve always been fascinated by battery-less products such as hand-crank LED torches and solar gadgets, this interesting DIY kit from Green Science will let you build your own dynamo torch from scratch.

The power from cranking up the dynamo will provide energy that will be converted into light via the single LED attached to the circuit. Besides being able to own a useful gadget for emergencies, it’ll also bring about a sense of accomplishment when one is able to assemble the electronic kit and get the dynamo torch circuit to work.

An added advantage is that the product is eco-friendly as you’ll never need to buy batteries for powering the led torch, the only thing that’s ever needed is just some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

This is a good way for kids to learn about science and also appropriate for those who want to start learning how to build or mod electronics. The DIY dynamo torch kit is available on Amazon for $10.90.