diy lego brick style spice rack organizer 1

Here’s something that looks like a Lego brick, but it’s not a toy. This is actually a functional spice rack.

diy lego brick style spice rack organizer 2

This spice rack is a homemade DIY spice rack made from cardboard, duct tape and paint by SHIFT! from Instructables. The top of the Lego brick are actually the tops of spice bottles. Not only does it look cool, it also brings a touch of fun in the kitchen.

Basically the overall shape is a rectangular box with circular holes in them where the main body of the spice bottles fit. Specially-made tops are made for the bottles too, to make them look like a Lego brick. With the box and the top, it doesn’t only make it suitable for use as a spice rack, but also as a cool-looking desktop organizer as well.

Learn how to make this DIY Lego-style spice rack from Instructables website.