diy trash catching smart trash can 1

A good aim is necessary for one who doesn’t have a thrash can sitting around within an arm’s length. However, this Japanese guy has constructed one smart trash can that takes aim out of the equation, meaning one can literally throw the trash in the air and not worry about where it’s going to land, because this trash can will make sure it always catches the falling trash.

diy trash catching smart trash can 2

diy trash catching smart trash can 3

The process is pretty detailed, and some may get scared by the technicalities involved in making it work. Simply put, the trash can has a system of recognizing falling trash, correctly anticipating it’s landing spot and moving itself to that exact spot to catch the trash.

Watch the video of the DIY smart trash catching trash can in action below:



I can hear it in everyone’s mind: “Mass production please!”

One cool DIY project that will surely make life just a little more convenient.