diy usb e-mail notification bell

Need a really unique e-mail notification bell to tell you when the mail arrives? Apart from the many commercially available notification gadgets out there, nothing can be more satisfying than building one for yourself.

Here’s a cool guide from Instructables that shows you how to make a cool USB e-mail notification gadget that rings whenever you receive an e-mail. The coolest part is that the ring sound generated does not come from an artificial source but from the actual bell itself!

Video of the DIY USB e-mail notification bell in action:



Using a microcontroller embedded into the circuitry of the gadget enables it to be connected to the computer, therefore the USB bell can be made to sound every time a new mail is received on the PC.

So if you do possess the essential skills needed for this DIY project like soldering and knowledge in electronics, head onto Instructables for the guide to make a DIY USB e-mail notifying bell like this for yourself.