doggy radio cute dog wireless bluetooth speaker

Here’s one wireless Bluetooth speaker and FM radio that doesn’t look like a speaker at all, but comes in the shape of a cute dog.

This is a limited edition wireless Bluetooth speaker designed by Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara. It is capable of playing audio streamed from Bluetooth devices like smartphones or tablets. The controls are made in a unique way, where controlling functions such as changing radio stations or changing the volume involves interacting with the dog such as touching its nose or petting its chin.

The nose of this dog lights up and is able to display indication when a gesture is recognized, such as petting it chin up or down to control the volume. The FM tuner knob is disguised as the doggy’s red nose and rotating it will allow one to tune in to various local radio stations over the air.

Besides being able to stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth, it is also able to stream audio via the standard auxiliary headphone input jack. This makes it compatible with a very wide range of audio playing gadgets today.

A beautiful and work of art that blends the beauty of visual and audio as a wireless Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a cute dog.

The limited edition Doggy Radio retails for $2,500 from MoMA Store.