domo kun sliced bread toaster 1

Toasters are pretty much an essential kitchen appliance for many who can’t do without having toast for breakfast in the morning. Here’s one cute looking toaster that makes toast just as good as it looks.

domo kun sliced bread toaster 2

domo kun sliced bread toaster 3

The Domo Kun is a popular character from Japan, and now he has made his way by having a toaster made to look like him. Not only does this turn it into a Domo Kun toaster, it even comes with a special feature that makes it capable of producing a toasted slice of bread with Domo-kun right on it.

A cool Domo-kun themed toaster that will surely bring a smile in the morning for Domo-kun fans.

The Domo Kun sliced bread toaster retails for $39.99 from Amazon.