muuto dots hooks designer wall hooks 1

There can be many ways a wall can be made useful other than just being a flat vertical surface that comes with a color. One of the ways is to mount some hooks on it so they can be used for hanging stuff. Here’s one way of doing just that without making it look messy.

muuto dots hooks designer wall hooks 2

muuto dots hooks designer wall hooks

The Dots Hooks by Muuto is a collection of colored wooded hooks that not only act as decorative elements for a wall, but also serve as hooks for hanging stuff on. They come in different sizes for an unconventional look, while acting as the main focal point of an otherwise plain-looking wall. They are made of wood and come in many different colors that can be chosen to blend with the color of the wall or for a bold contrasting effect.

As the dots come with a neck on the hidden side, stuff like coats or your bag collection can be hung up for display. Even when not in use, you’ll still be able to proudly showcase your prized collection of items right on the wall.

A beautiful yet useful design for a set of wall hooks made for a stylish modern home.

More info on pricing and availability of the Dots Hooks at Muuto’s website.