dragon sword umbrella 1

Ever find an umbrella cumbersome and a hassle to carry around? Well, an umbrella can be quite inconvenient to carry at times, especially when the weatherman gets it all wrong. However, this dragon sword-looking umbrella will surely make one feel like carrying it around even when it looks like a single drop of rain isn’t going to fall at all.

dragon sword umbrella 2

dragon sword umbrella 3

The dragon sword umbrella, just like any other is simply an umbrella that will help to keep you dry on a rainy day. The only difference is that it comes with a unique-looking handle of a dragon son, which is the type one will often see in Asian-style martial arts movies, dramas and in online games.

Just like the samurai style umbrella, this dragon sword umbrella is sure to make one feel like a warrior on a rainy day. Just be prepared to know that you won’t be able to breeze through places such as airports and subway stations without getting extra stares though.

The dragon sword umbrella retails for $39 from Brando Gadgets.