dream lights solar powered flickering light jar

Here’s a twist on the highly popular solar powered lamp jars that are called sun jars and also moon jars. Instead of coming with a single LED light that glows incessantly like the rest, Dream Lights is a solar-powered lamp jar with multiple sources of lights within that glow and flicker thus producing a relaxing atmosphere wherever it may be placed.

Similar to lamp jars that run primarily on batteries that store solar power, the Dream Lights solar powered lamp jar needs to be placed under the sun to charge during the day to provide the nights with pretty illuminated dots dancing in a jar. As the power consumption of LEDs are really low, one can expect the lights in the jar to run for hours on a full charge.

A nice little light accessory for the porch and outdoors for inducing a feeling of calmness and bringing a relaxing mood to the atmosphere. Available for $29.99 each at Perpetual Kid.