dreamplug a computer that fits in an electrical plug

A tiny computer so small it can fit in an electrical plug. That’s what the DreamPlug is all about. The DreamPlug is a miniature PC from Global Technologies that come with components that are small enough such that everything fits within the confines of an electrical plug no bigger than a power adaptor.

The size of the components also brings about an added advantage in terms of power efficiency. The 1.2 GHz ARM processor together with 512 MB of RAM and an internal storage of 1GB packed with essential onboard components draw a combined total of only 5 watts of electricity, which is definitely a power saver.

As for portability, as long as there is an electrical outlet, this miniature PC will be able to run. However unlike a netbook, it does not come with a monitor or peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard so it’s not really an all-in-one PC system on its own.

The retail price for the DreamPlug currently stands at $150, which is a good price for budget-conscious consumers who are eyeing for low-end and lightweight computers.