convenient drink clip

Can’t find enough space on the table to hold even a cup or a can of beverage? Here’s a portable clip made specially for holding a can not on the table, but just at the side, a convenient location but out of the way of your working area.

The Drink Klip is basically a giant plastic clip with a holder made for holding drinks by the side of the table. Not only is it able to hold a can or cup of beverage without taking up extra space on the surface of the table, it also helps to prevent your cup from toppling over all over your main work area and making a disastrous mess, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drink as you work.

Its portability also allow one to conveniently clip it to most tables just about anywhere outdoors, keeping your drink away from your table of documents while sitting at a position just within an arm’s length for easy access.

The Drink Klip convenient table clip drink holder retails for $16.91 from Amazon.