beautiful drop light with detachable bulbs 1

This is one beautifully designed lighting set called the Drop Light from product development company DOOlight that not only works as a set but can also be used on a per-bulb basis where each bulb can be removed from the central base and light up independently.

beautiful drop light with detachable bulbs 2

The Drop Light works as a set where the central base connected to AC mains provides the power for lighting up the bulbs and also acts as a charging station for each bulb. As and when needed, each light bulb can be simply lifted from the central station to be used as a portable lighting solution. They come with built-in batteries and thus each bulb will be able to stay lit for up to 10 hours on a full-charge. This makes it possible to move them around the house to be used for stuff like mood lighting or for use at a party.

The light bulbs from the drop light are also dimmable and with simple touches to the edge of the bulb’s hanger, the individual bulbs can be controlled to be switched on and off or for adjusting its brightness.

beautiful drop light with detachable bulbs 3

As each bulb is made from flexible silicone, there will be no danger of broken bulbs so it makes it safe to be used in a kid’s playroom or a baby’s nursery for illumination.

One cool and multipurpose lighting design for the modern home which is flexible enough to accommodate to different needs at different times.