dumbbell cutlery set 1

Here’s one set of cutlery that look more like they’re found in the gym than in the kitchen or dining table. This is a set of cutlery that come with handles made of dumbbells. They’re not just for display though, as each of them weighs 1kg each.

dumbbell spoondumbbell forkdumbbell knife

Unlike ordinary cutlery, these dumbbell cutlery will let one train their arms as they eat. The more they try to pick up food with them, the more they’ll have to use their arms to carry them. Definitely an interesting way for shaking off those excess weight.

Not only do they look good on a table for fitness buffs, the dumbbell cutlery set can potentially help those wanting to lose weight work out flabby arms during mealtimes and also to slow down food intake since the cutlery themselves weigh so much on their own. Apart from that, they’ll also make a cool novelty gift for housewarming.

The dumbbell cutlery set retails for £64.99 from I Want One of Those.