E-Rope skipping rope battery charger

Most of us know that skipping is a great form of exercise that can help shed excess weight. The common skipping rope is simply a rope with two handles, which the user swings in a circular motion and jumps over it. This action generates a significant amount of energy that can potentially be harvested into electrical power.

E-Rope skipping rope battery charger design

Meet the E-Rope, a skipping rope that turns the ordinary human into a power generator. This skipping rope battery charger concept by designer Kyung Guk Lee converts power from kinetic motion produced during a skipping session into electrical energy that can be stored in batteries within the charging chamber incorporated into the skipping rope handles.


According to the design, a 20-minute skipping session will generate enough power to completely charge the maximum capacity of four AA batteries. An interesting product designed for consumers who are both sporty and environmentally conscious.