Battlefield Heroes, an online game developed by Dice and published by EA is the game publisher’s shot at the free-gaming market. This model allows players to download and play the game for free. Sustainability of the game includes an ad-driven portal and optional micro-payments for in-game character customization.


FPS with cartoon-style models

Free (except for optional character appearance customization which does not offer an advantage in the game)

Game is to be downloaded from game servers

North America and Europe (Summer 2008)

Revenue Model:
Ad-driven portal and micro-payments for in-game customization. Ads will not appear in the game itself.


Players who have been playing online games should be familiar with games using a similar free-model such as MapleSea or Shattered Galaxy.

With the free-gaming model for Battlefield Heroes, the game will allow for any interested player to get into action immediately but often it could come with one disadvantage such as the wide difference in skill level of players. However EA has managed to address that issue by offering a match-making system allowing players of closer skill levels to play together.

The Battlefield Heroes game has been adapted from the original Battlefield game to come with a cartoon feel and gameplay suitable for both seasoned Battlefield and casual gamers, therefore it should appeal to many FPS lovers out there.

Being a fan of the Battlefield series myself, I really hope this game will be made available in Asia. I’m sure many Battlefield fans here will feel the same too!

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via BBC News