ear miki earbud cord winder and organizer 1

It can get messy sometimes when it comes to keeping your media player’s long earbud wires from tangling up in the attempt to unravel them after retrieving it from a bag or pocket. That’s where earbud or earphone organizers and cord winders come into good use.

Here’s one cute and well designed earbud organizer called the Ear MIKI, designed by Jun Hyun Kim, Byeol Shim and Young Jun Kim which won the 2011 IDEA award.

ear miki earbud cord winder and organizer 2

Just like a typical earbud cord winder, Ear MIKI keeps the long and thin wires of the earbuds in check and prevents them from tangling up in a messy knot by having it wound up in a ring. Above the ring are two slots where the earbuds of each side sit. Put them all together and you get one cute earbud winder that looks just like a cartoon mouse!

When the earbud cord winder is not in use, instead of storing it in a bag or pocket it can be worn as a ring and this in turn reduces the chance or losing the cord winder due to carelessness or forgetfulness.

ear miki earbud cord winder and organizer 3

Additionally, Ear MIKI can also be used as a cellphone accessory by utilizing the cellphone charm hook which can be found on most smartphones as a leash. Simply wear the Ear MIKI as a ring after it has been attached to the mobile phone as a mobile phone charm. This way, the mobile phone will be connected to your finger at all times and thus preventing it from getting dropped or going missing.

Certainly, one great design for a earphone cord winder that is not only multi-functional but also cute-looking as well.