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Many of us that carry a pair of earphones or earbuds to go with our smartphone or media player around often have to deal with messy cables and there are many gadgets around such as cord organizers or spring loaded cable winders that help to solve the problem of cables tangling up. Here’s yet another design, a very unique design that helps to solve the problem of messy earbuds.

ear tentacles suction cup earbuds 2

ear tentacles suction cup earbuds 3

These pair of earphones called ‘Ear Tentacles’ by designer Donghee Suh are earbuds that come with a suction cup on each side of the earpieces. When not in use, the earphones can be coil around and then attached to the surface of the smartphone or media player and then tossed into the pocket or a bag without tangling up inside.

An interesting conceptual design for a pair or earbuds, however it will be almost impossible to get this design on your favorite brand and model of earphones unless every manufacturer decides to use this design for their earbuds. Unfortunately this could mean that every earphone on the market will look exactly the same if that were the case.

A workable solution could be that the suction cup idea could be sold as a third party solution, which would be a earbud casing with a suction cup capable of holding earpieces of different brands and models inside which can then be attached entirely to the casing of a smartphone.