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Many earphones come with earphone clips included in their retail packages, and most of the time latter plays the supportive role as an accessory that pair of earphones. However, here’s a set of earphones that play second fiddle to their accessory and in this case, to the earphone clip that looks just like a giant paperclip.

paperclip earphones 2

paperclip earphones 3

The Paperclip earphones clearly has a feature that makes its earphone clip stand out. Looking like a giant paperclip, it works just like a earphone clip and similar to a typical paperclip, can be attached and secured in place to ensure the earphone cord stays tamed while you’re listening to music on the go.

Apart from the fact that the giant paperclip-looking earphone clip comes in a design that makes it look bold and attractive, it does come with a clever secondary purpose as well. The loopy shape makes it easy for the earphone cord to be wound around, keeping the wires neat and tidy when not in use, therefore eliminating the chances of the much hated cord-tangling problems.

A simple, bold and attractive looking set of earphones that come with a multipurpose clip cum cord winder.

The Paperclip earphone comes in two colors, black, and white and retails for NT1,080 from Taiwanese website 25togo.