lg lsm-100 scanner mouse

If you do not have much space to spare in your room or work area for a full sized scanner and don’t really need to scan full-page documents that often, this scanner built into a computer mouse looks like a real godsend. The LG LSM-100 is a computer mouse than you can simply swipe across a document and save the image as a digital copy.

lg lsm-100 scanner mouse demo 1

lg lsm-100 scanner mouse demo 2

lg lsm-100 scanner mouse demo 3

lg lsm-100 scanner mouse demo 4

Simply press the scan button and a row of cameras located along the bottom of the mouse will pick up whatever you swipe with the LG scanner mouse. After that the resulting image captured can then be cropped and saved to the computer.

As for text documents, the mouse comes with an Optical Character Recognition system that will automatically converted the scanned document into a Word document format making it possible for it to be edited immediately after digital conversion.

Watch the videos of the LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse in action below:




Definitely a very convenient multipurpose scanning mouse there, and from the video demo the speed of scanning is pretty fast for a single image document. A cool and convenient multipurpose computer mouse that is probably going to render the flatbed scanner obsolete in the future.