easy to use first aid box design 1

Here’s one design for a home first aid kit, which every home should not go without. Besides coming with the necessary first aid items for injuries sustained in the home, it has been designed with an concise and easy to use style.

easy to use first aid box design 2

easy to use first aid box design 3

This home first aid kit is a design by Gabriele Meldaikyte. As the items in the first aid kit are for one-time use, they are packaged in suitable packs or dispensers that can be detached from the kit easily. They are arranged in columns where each column corresponds to the first aid items needed for different types of injuries and wounds.

Each column is divided into rows, where each row comes with a instruction for the step in the first aid treatment together with the item needed, such as a swab to clean the wound or a roll of bandage to cover the wound. Each row leads to the next to reduce confusion during first aid treatment.

easy-to-use-first-aid-box-design 4

When everything is done, simply fold the compartments up and it’ll return into a first aid box ready for next time.

A clever concept and design that is a good improvement over traditional first aid kits.