eat and brush sport toothbrush 1

We’re all quite familiar with the spork, which is a spoon and a fork-in-one piece of utensil that lets one use it like a spoon or a fork.

Here’s one spork that comes with yet another feature, and that’s a toothbrush at the end of the handle.

With it, you drink soup, eat cereal and pick food up with the tip of the spork, and after eating, you can be able to brush your teeth right after washing the spork in the bathroom or kitchen. Not only is it useful as a reminder for brushing after every meal, it is also useful as a multi-purpose tool for travel or camping.

A clever design to the already useful spork, giving it the ability to work as a toothbrush too.

The Eat and Brush Spork retails for $4 from Perpetual Kid.