eco-amp iphone cardboard amplifier 1

Here’s an iPhone speaker amplifier that’s specially made for eco-minded people. A cardboard amplifier. On top of that it’s a passive amplifier that doesn’t need any power to run at all.

eco-amp iphone cardboard amplifier 2

eco-amp iphone cardboard amplifier 3

This eco cardboard called the eco-amp amplifier works by changing the omnidirectional properties of the sound produced by the iPhone into a directional source, and the result is that most of the sound gets picked up by your ears.

Being made of cardboard, it is not only light but simple to use as well. Simply slot the iPhone into the eco-amp’s customized slot and you’re ready to amplify it’s sound.

Though a cardboard amp like this won’t go well with water, so does the iPhone too. It will surely help to remind one to keep the smartphone away from a water source as much as possible.

The eco-amp cardboard iPhone speaker amplifier retails for $7.99 from Eco-Made.