rechargeable and alkaline battery charger

This is a special alkaline battery charger that has the ability to not only recharge typical rechargeable batteries but also non-rechargeable alkaline batteries! When a typical alkaline battery runs out of power, usually there is 20% power left within the battery that still can be used, so this charger is able to reactivate the remaining charge within the alkaline battery making it go an extra mile.

For the first time after the alkaline battery is activated, it can be recharged to a maximum of 20% and after which the non-rechargeable batteries can still be recharged for up to 3 cycles to their maximum capacity before they are rendered useless and need to be disposed.

This alkaline battery charger is a great gadget for those who want to make full use of their current non-rechargeable batteries and also for those who want to get started on using rechargeable batteries. All in all an eco-friendly way to reduce pollution from battery disposal.

rechargeable and alkaline battery charger with battery tester rechargeable and alkaline battery charger accessories

The alkaline battery charger is compatible with AA and AAA rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Each battery charger also comes with a passive battery-tester in the package suitable for testing a wide range of batteries such as common cylinder and button shaped batteries.

The Rechargeable + Alkaline Battery Charger is available for a minimum order of 3 sets for $39.96 at Chinavasion. Definitely a great price for 3 sets. You can keep one for yourself and still have enough to give away to family and friends as gifts.