bamboo keyboard and mouse

Here’s a keyboard that isn’t made of plastic, but from bamboo! It not only looks unique, but also gives people the impression that the owner has a heart for conservation.

Owning eco-friendly computer parts that can biodegrade helps to preserve the environment. The average lifetime of typical keyboards, at least for the ones I own are about 2 years. For hard plastics to biodegrade fully, it’ll take anywhere between 450-1000 years.

So with a little bit of math and common sense its obvious that unless PC peripherals such as used keyboards get recycled or are able to biodegrade and return to Mother Earth naturally they will only take up more and more space in landfills when they get dumped.

The USB bamboo keyboard and mouse also provides an alternative natural look compared to the cold-hearted plastic parts that most computer peripherals are made from today.


  • 106 keys office keyboard
  • Optical Scroll-wheel Mouse
  • Keyboard and Mouse are made by bamboo
  • Support Window 2000/XP/Vista and Linux
  • Dimension: 395 x 155 x 20mm (approx.)(Keyboard)
  • Dimension: 102 x 56 x 32mm (approx.)(Mouse)
  • Weight: 842g (Keyboard)
  • Weight: 87g (Mouse)


    The price of the USB bamboo keyboard and mouse ranges from $19-$52 at Brando depending on the combination purchased.