eco-friendly illuminating wind chime

Wind chimes are music-making ornaments that are hung up and play music by themselves using the power of wind. Many homes have them and it can be pleasing to hear the different tunes it can make when the chime(s) are struck as it swings in the wind.

Here’s one clever little wind-chime concept conceived by Chen Yan Zhuang, Zhou Li, Peng Qixuan, Liu Huan-jung, Ke Qi Ling & Zhong Zhida, who have thought up a useful idea of adding illumination to a traditional looking wind chime.

A set of LED lights added to the wind chime allows the wind chime to glow in darkness, giving the wind chime another purpose and that is to provide a bit of ambient illumination to complement the décor of the room.

As with the concept of the wind chime that is powered by the wind, this also holds true for the LED lights embedded within. As the central portion of the wind chime swings in the wind, it not only sounds the chime but also provides an electrical charge that will make them light up. A nice feature that makes it both eco-friendly and maintenance-free.

A simple yet beautiful concept for the traditional wind chime, which now has the ability to sooth a person’s mind utilizing the sense of sight in addition to the sense of sound.

This illuminating wind chime concept would probably be even more complete if the LED lights have the ability to transition through a range of colors, making it function like a mood lamp.