elasty silicone iphone case with slits 1

Here’s a really useful iPhone/smartphone case by designer Yoori Koo. Made of an elastic material such as silicone rubber, the case features slits on the back of the casing which allows the user to slip anything that fits through them and to be held in place, like cash, credit cards and even earphones and their cords.

elasty silicone iphone case with slits 2

elasty silicone iphone case with slits 3

This will reduce the need to carry a wallet when you have this iPhone case on hand. Also useful for short trips to the neighborhood store or even for travelling for security reasons.

While still a concept at this stage, this iPhone case that comes with slits on the back doesn’t look too complicated to manufacture.

If you can’t wait until a design like one of these elastic iPhones to make it through the approval and manufacturing processes, you can probably make one of your own immediately as a DIY project by buying a new iPhone case or recycling an existing one made of silicone and then creating the slits on the back with a pair of scissors or craft knife.

For optimum results, just make sure you choose a casing which is stretchy enough for it to work as desired.