electric music synthesizer t-shirt

For those who play the electric keyboard aka music synthesizer, you’ll surely understand that it’s practically impossible to carry around a full-sized electric music keyboard around to play in public. Well, now there’s now a super portable mini synthesizer that can do just that and comes in the form of a T-shirt!

The electronic music synthesizer T-shirt comes as a design with a built-in electronic circuit that can make music and is playable like a real music synthesizer. This makes it easy to play tunes like happy birthday or even creepy tunes and stuff at parties just for fun.

I don’t think there are enough keys to play full songs simultaneously with chords on both hands but definitely many famous solos can be performed on this electronic synthesizer T-shirt as seen in the video below. It’s a mini synthesizer after all, if you get my drift. Just like most of the electronic T-shirts featured here, the electronic circuits are removable so the T-shirt is safe to go in the washer for a spin.

Check out the electronic music synthesizer T-shirt in action:



Product Features:

  • Real playable music synthesizer on your shirt
  • Five different pro-quality sampled instruments
  • Up to eight keys can be played at once (polyphony FTW!)
  • Includes wearable retro-style amp box
  • Adjustable tone knob
  • Electronics are removable for easy washing
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included) 
  • Available for $29.99 – $32.98 at ThinkGeek.