electronic butterfly in a jar

If trapping a butterfly in a jar for the sake of admiring sounds too cruel, then this interesting gadget will let one admire flying butterflies up close without all that guilt. This electronic butterfly in a jar contraption is a typical-looking jar with a screw-on top that comes with an electronic flying butterfly.

Tapping on the jar will make the butterfly perform a series of actions in the jar. A single tap awakens the butterfly, two makes it flutter and three taps on the jar makes it fly around inside.

Though the butterfly inside isn’t real at all, the good thing is that it doesn’t need food to run but just on batteries. The more significant features are that it never dies and will always be there to flutter and entertain on demand. Maybe it’ll even attract a real butterfly when left to flutter by the windowsill.


  • Tap the jar to see the butterfly fly around.
  • One tap to wake it up, two to make it flutter and three to make it flap.
  • Incredibly realistic butterfly flying action.
  • Makes a charming gift for nature enthusiasts.
  • An awful lot more environmentally friendly than trapping a real butterfly.
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included).
  • Suitable for ages 5 years +.

The electronic butterfly in a Jar goes for £19.99 at iwoot.