floating dragonfly solar led light 1

It’s always nice to see a dragonfly or a bunch of them flying gracefully near a pond or lake, but they’re not always around all the time when we want to see them. Here’s something that’ll ensure there’s always at least one dragonfly around to be viewed. Not a real one, but an electronic dragonfly that is.

floating dragonfly solar led light 2

This dragonfly can’t actually fly like the living one can, but is capable of floating on water as it comes with an inverted cup that acts as the floating platform for the dragonfly. Within the floating enclosure is a solar charging circuit which allows the dragonfly to charge its batteries using sunlight in the day and give off light via colored LED bulbs in its body.

With a light sensor, the dragonfly will be able to light up automatically when it’s dark, as long as there’s available power in its batteries derived from charging itself up during daytime. As it glows, it will cycle across a range of hues, where it will add a serene and faerie-like ambience to a water feature in the garden.

Product Features:
  • Color changing LED light
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Floating decoration for garden pond
  • Solar panel to recharge the built-in battery
  • Environment-friendly


A nice eco-friendly lamp decoration that is suitable for a garden pond. The electronic floating dragonfly solar LED light retails for $12.99 from Gadgets-N-Gizmos.