energy saving power strip design 1

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine how much power our electrical appliances draw when they’re plugged into the AC outlet and switched on. To serve the purpose of visual indication, there are power meters that can be bought at retail stores that measure the amount of electricity that goes to the appliances.

Here’s one innovative power strip design by Hyungwoo Uhm that not only comes with a built-in power meter, but also provides visual and audio warnings when there is an overly high amount of electricity load going to the appliances plugged into its outlets.

energy saving power strip design 2

energy saving power strip design 3

The sockets each come with an LED light that indicate whether they’re plugged in and turn red when the particular socket has been overloaded. After which, a warning sound from the speaker will ring and electricity will be cut to the sockets until it is switched on manually again.

energy saving power strip design 4

The power strip also come with an LCD display that shows the amount of electricity chalked up since the last reset, converted to an easily understandable monetary amount. This is the surely the most useful and important feature that will give the user a guide on how much it costs to keep their appliance(s) running.

One useful power strip design that will help to save some money off rising electricity bills.