evomouse virtual touchpad 1

This is one computer mouse that doesn’t look or function like a mouse at all. Instead it works more like a touchpad than a computer mouse. The Celluon evoMouse doesn’t come with a touch-sensitive touchpad for your fingers to glide on like on a laptop but features a set of sensors that practically turns any surface into a virtual touchpad.

evomouse virtual touchpad 2

The evoMouse replaces the mouse on the desktop as much as the trackpad on a laptop is used. It has the ability to recognize gestures such as pinching for image manipulation and also handwriting movements for writing customized messages.

Watch the video of the evoMouse virtual touchpad in action:



The evoMouse can connect to computers either via Bluetooth or USB connectivity, which means it’ll come with an internal battery for wireless mode. Availability and price of the evoMouse is still unknown at time of post.