evouni push push portable speaker

The Evouni Push Push touch speaker is portable speaker that does not come with buttons and dials. Unlike conventional mini speakers for media players and laptops, the Evouni Push Push uses touch for the controlling of its functions.

To toggle the Evouni speaker on and off, the user only needs to push the top of the round-shaped speaker to pop-up its top or push it back in. As for the volume control, a clockwise or counter-clockwise slide motion around the rim of the speaker is performed to adjust it to the desired volume.

This is certainly a zen-like and simplistic design for a portable speaker like the Evouni Push Push speaker. The clean design is definitely a plus, especially for those who like to own gadgets that look more modern and less geeky.

A video of the Evouni Push Push portable speaker in action:



The Evouni Push Push portable speaker comes in two colors, white and black and is available for $50 on Amazon.