Usually when you need extra storage for your system, a couple of options are available. You can either add an extra internal hard disk or put it into a hard disk enclosure for USB connectivity.

The option that is more convenient would be to get an enclosure of course, but the problem is that it could be a hassle if you have many hard disks lying around that you wish to make use of at the same time. You can then choose to get a separate enclosure for every hard disk lying around, or spend the time swapping the disks within that enclosure to gain access.

Thankfully with the product below, you can forget about coping with the hassle associated with juggling multiple hard disks.

HDD Stage Rack 1

More pictures of the SATA HDD Stage Rack and how it works after the jump.

SATA HDD Stage Rack 2

SATA HDD Stage Rack 3

The SATA HDD Stage Rack pictured above works like a docking station for your SATA hard disks. It is compatible with both 2.5″ and 3.5″ disks. As the connection to the computer is via USB, you do not have to switch off the PC to dock a hard disk. It works exactly like a standard USB thumb drive that everyone is familiar with. Plug and play at its simplest.

This docking station coupled with your hard disks would work great for backups and extra storage for the moment, but when USB 3.0 gets finalised next year, the increased speed will allow for external hard disks to act as direct access medium for games and on-the-fly tasks in time to come. It would be expected that these racks will have adapted the new USB standard by then too.

Product Page via Akihabara News