This is one pair of cool night vision goggles called the Eyeclops. This toy is actually made from professional grade night vision sensors, allowing the user to see in the dark with true infrared night vision for up to 50 feet.

eyeclops night vision goggles


  • See up to 50 feet in complete darkness!
  • Uses IR technology for monocular night vision
  • Adjustable head strap – good for kids (ages 8+) and adults
  • Fits over many small frame glasses
  • Flip up eye piece (so you can see when the unit is turned off)
  • Green and B/W selectable viewing screen
  • Two sensitivity levels:
    • Stealth Mode – goggles operate at partial power for close proximity viewing
    • Surveillance Mode – goggles operate at full power and emit a barely visible ring of red light to let you see up to 50 feet away.
  • Batteries: Uses 5 AA (not included)

The Eyeclops night vision goggles go for $89.99 at ThinkGeek.