disposable bbq grills mobile phones with fire

This is a viral video by EZGrill, taking a page from Blendtec that regularly posts video of its blender annihilating the latest gadgets. For now its the EZGrill destroying not one, not two but three mobiles phones at once on its disposable BBQ!

 grilling mobile phones on a bbq

Lined up on the grill is an Android G2, a HTC Surround Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone 4 set to fry above the open flame. For those who are curious to find out how electronics like mobile phones die off in a fire on a BBQ grill, this is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to find out not by trying it for ourselves but by watching them do it for us!

Watch the Android, WP7 and iPhone 4 mobile phones get grilled in the video below.



It’s interesting to know that the iPhone 4 comes with a temperature warning unlike the other two phones and surprisingly, the victor emerges as the HTC Surround Windows Phone 7 for managing to survive for the longest period of time in the BBQ fire.