fridgebook facebook fridge magnets 1

Turn your fridge into a giant Facebook wall with these Fridgebook magnets. Made to look like Facebook icons and widgets, the magnets allow one to place photographs, write stuff like statuses and comments directly on the magnets to ‘post’ them directly on a fridge door.

fridgebook facebook fridge magnets 2

fridgebook facebook fridge magnets 3

One cool way to turn an ordinary household appliance into something fun. Since the fridge is accessed by almost everyone in the house or office, it is one spot where messages can be exchanged and disseminated easily. However having all your stuff out also can spell trouble as anyone is free to ‘edit’ the stuff on the fridge and magnets, which can also add to the fun.

The Fridgebook Facebook-style fridge magnets go for £14.99 per pack at Firebox UK.