Here’s a review unit of the “Fake Realistic Looking Security Camera Detector V2” sent to me from This is a pretty functional dummy security camera that actually looks like the real security equipment found in many establishments for the purpose of recording criminal activities.

fake realistic security camera v2 1

By having a contraption that looks just like a real security camera, thieves will definitely have to think twice before trying to steal stuff off a shop. Think of it as the speed cameras found on the roads where some of them do not even have film loaded in them! This is probably one of the most simplest methods to deter shoplifters.

fake realistic security camera v2 2

The fake security cam is made of light-weight plastic and can easily be attached to the ceiling by means of some industrial double-sided tape or hung via screw-holes located at the base of the unit. Though it’s made of plastic, the entire dome and the dummy lens encased within look pretty identical to the real ones out there.

This device runs on two standard AA batteries powering a motion-sensing circuit that lights up a blinking LED above the camera lens.

The Fake Realistic Looking Security Camera Detector V2 retails for $4.94 each at BudgetGadgets.


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