famicom-wiimote-controller 1

Clearly there are still gaming fans who love the classic 8-bit Nintendo console despite owning the latest Wii. Take this Japanese guy for example, for the sake of restoring a piece of hardware from the past to fit the present he has sacrificed more than two Famicom controllers and a Wiimote to make a Famicom Wiimote!

Simply put it, he took the components from an existing Wiimote and put it into a shell made from two modified Famicom controllers stacked and bonded together.

famicom-wiimote-controller 2

The coincidence is that the classic Nintendo controller, like the Wiimote both consist of a section with holes that can fit a speaker component behind. A definite plus point there.

famicom-wiimote-controller 3 nintendo-wiimote

Just take a comparative look between the Wii Famirimokon and the original controller: besides being a little too heavy and bulky, the relative positions of the keypad, buttons and speaker are fairly accurate; which makes this a really cool mod for a retro gaming fan.