fanbrella umbrella with fan 1

Somehow it doesn’t seem right to have a fan built into an umbrella like this. However besides being able to provide shelter against the rain, umbrellas also bear the capability to shield humans from the sun and its harmful UV rays.

fanbrella umbrella with fan 2

This motorized fan built on the underside of this umbrella called the Fanbrella is made specially for use on a hot sunny day when the umbrella is used to provide shade. Powered by six AA batteries, the fan provides a downdraft that helps one to cool down just a little further for extra comfort.

Though the umbrella is made specially for sunny days, it can also be used for rainy days with the fan switched off. Perhaps the fan will be able to serve a secondary purpose for drying off clothes that become wet during a downpour.

A slight hassle is that the fanbrella needs to run on total of six batteries, though it can run for an estimated period of about five and a half hours. The good thing is that one can always get a bunch of rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries just about anywhere in the world for it to work. The Fanbrella goes for $79.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer