star wars lightsaber umbrellas 1

There’s nothing better than having an umbrella in your bag when the sky darkens and rain starts to fall. Need something to top that? How about a Star Wars lightsaber umbrella just for that purpose.

star wars lightsaber umbrellas 2

star wars lightsaber umbrella darth vaderstar wars lightsaber umbrella luke skywalker

star wars lightsaber umbrella obi-wan kenobistar wars lightsaber umbrella darth yoda

The Star Wars lightsaber umbrellas not only turns the ordinary umbrella into a cool toy, it’ll also make one wish for rain and feel overwhelming exciting whenever raindrops start falling from the sky.

The handle of the umbrella is made to look like the handle of a Jedi’s lightsaber and while the shaft has to be metal for strength, the dome of the umbrella is made of reflective colored plastic in the hue of your favorite Star Wars Jedi character, be it Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or grandmaster Yoda.

The Star Wars lightsaber umbrellas retail for 3,480 each on Strapya-World. Definitely one umbrella a Star Wars fan should never be seen without.