ferris wheel spice rack

Here’s a spice rack that doesn’t look quite like the usual one. Not only can it hold more spice bottles than a common one, it does so in a unique way, by having them rotate around just like a ferris wheel.

The spice rack is made up of 5 rows of spice bottles that is connected to a spinning wheel. What this does is make it easy to store a large number of spices while being able to select and retrieve each bottle easily just by giving the rack a spin.

The bottles and the ferris wheel itself come with a chrome finish so it will fit a kitchen with a modern style. In addition the bottles come pre-filled with spices so it can be used right away.

An nice way to store a large set of spice bottles yet being able to pick one out very easily when needed.

The Ferris Wheel spice rack holds 20 jars and retails for $52.99 from Amazon.